Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mobile Credit Card Machines

Low Cost Credit Card Processing
By Thomas Morva

Low cost and efficient credit card processing is very important to the success of any online or offline business. Low cost credit card processing involves a cheaper means to accept credit card numbers, apply them to the merchant's account, and obtain payment from the creditor for the amount. A business?s success or failure depends on whether or not it accepts credit card orders.

Low cost credit card processing is indispensable to raise the profitability of your business. Many people waste considerable amounts of money on extravagant processing. Often, processing statements are so difficult to read that it is virtually impossible to estimate how much money you are actually paying. Low cost credit card processing helps you run a more successful business operation.

In the United States, the cost of credit card processing is about $10 to $20 (per month) in flat fees, plus a small percentage of your sales, known as a discount rate. The discount rate is as low as 1.69% for an offline business, while discount rate for mail order and online merchants is about 2.19%. Using a low cost credit card processing technique, the transaction fee averages only about 25 cents for all merchants.

Low cost credit card processing falls into three types. The first is using a virtual terminal that allows manual addition of mail. The second employs a simple integration technique that connects your website directly to the credit card and bank system. The third type uses an advanced mechanism for custom-linking your system to other more composite systems using a transaction gateway server.

Lots of card processing companies offer you reliable, low cost and comprehensive credit card processing. A reliable low cost credit card processing service uses modern encryption technology to ensure security.

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