Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing Machines by Jack Chevalier

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Every credit card terminal has different functions and capabilities, but all of them take some investigation for your needs and price expectations. The following is a list of different options available when considering credit card machines:

IPP or Internal PIN Pad: This comes with several different models and although a nice option, you should consider the fact that this terminal is passed back and fourth between the cashier and customer. Smartcard: Another great option automatically available on some terminals, but will you utilize this option? Smartcard is used for gift and loyalty cards and unless your business is going to utilize this option, you might want to consider a less expensive terminal.

Touch Screen: This option is more for the ease of use for the cashier, but usually gives you signature capture. Signature Capture allows your customers to sign the terminal screen instead of the receipt.

Wireless Capabilities: This allows you to accept Credit Cards through a wireless or cellular connection. Most of the time this is great for merchants who are making sales away from the office, but this can be limited by the cellular service in that particular area.

RS-232 Ports: This gives you the opportunity to attach other devices to your terminal such as a check imager or check reader.

PIN Pad Port: Allows you to add an external PIN pad to your existing credit card machine.

Now there is no set rules for what type of equipment to buy or what type of equipment your processor can support, so it's up to you, the merchant, to investigate what your best options are. Just remember, if you have any questions about equipment call your processor.

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