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Mobile Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Machine Information
05th December 2006
Author: Jack Chevalier

Standard Credit Card Terminals

There are two types of credit card terminals commonly used by merchants in today's marketplace. Terminal with and without printers. Terminals without printers are the cheaper of the two terminals, and they allow the ability to add a printer in a seperate location from the processing machine, which is desirable in many environments. The all in one terminal with built in printer is the solution for many of today’s merchants. It offers a single compact unit that can be easily set up just about anywhere. There are two different printer options available with Terminals. The standard Impact Printer, with the ink ribbon system, and the newer more efficient thermal printer. The thermal printer uses no ink, and is usually easier to load paper due to drop in loading. It is slightly more expensive for a terminal with a thermal printer, but the cost is justifiable due to less upkeep and easier loading.

There are several brands of Terminals being used in the US today. Some of the more popular brands and models that they make are listed below.

1. Lipman / Nurit Credit Card Machines
2. Verifone Credit Card Machines
3. Hypercom Credit Card Machines

Credit Card Equipment

The Credit Card Equipment that you will use will depend on the type of Merchant Account that you are setting up. There are many different types of Credit Card Machines and Credit Card Equipment available. Prices vary from printer less terminals pricing from $150 - $450, standard terminals with built in printers pricing from $250 - $900+, and wireless terminal pricing from $850 and up. The type of terminal that you purchase should be completely dependant on the type of Business that you run.

If you are interested in POS equipment (Point of Sell) then you should know its continuous development makes it is the best option for a big business. POS equipment means POS software, POS scales, bar code scanners, card encoders and readers, cash registers, check readers, terminals, PIN pads and keyboards, printers, pole displays and even complete PC-based systems. In an ever changing world we should welcome new opportunities to make our life better and POS equipment is meant to do exactly this.

So, if you own a business and you intend to have more success in the future, then you should optimize your employees' work and make your customers' lives easier. You should seriously think of getting a credit card terminal or POS equipment because this is the future and their time is now. Offering your clients everything they need and allowing them the possibility of credit card payment is one of the today's marketing rules. Besides, pleasing everyone will make your business develop a lot faster and better.

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