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Mobile Credit Card Processing

What You Need To Know About 'Chip And Pin' Credit Card Machines
18th November 2006
Author: Chris Sinclair

Nearly every store is now upgrading to the 'chip and pin' system that credit card companies have recently introduced. This new system is a more effective way to keep your credit cards and the information stored on them safe and secure. These machines are much safer than signing your name on a receipt.

These new chip and pin machines are simple to use and help to prevent scammers from stealing your credit card information. When using one of these new credit card machines, simply swipe your card through the machine, Then, when instructed to do so on the screen display, enter your PIN number. Typically, these machines will have a small barrier that covers your hand as you type so that anyone trying to see you type your PIN will not be able to do so.

These machines help prevent credit card fraud in other ways, too. For example, in the past credit card fraud occured frequently in restaurants. When a customer would pay for their meal by credit card, the card would be out of their sight when the waiter took the card to the cashier. When processing these credit card payments some cashiers would add a small additional amount to the bill during the credit authorization process. Once the charge was authorized by the credit card company the cashier would pocket the difference between the amount of the meal and the authorized amount.

Now many restaurants have installed wireless credit card machines, so you don't have to let your credit card leave the table. The waiter will simply bring the machine over and you can swipe the card through and then enter your PIN, safe in the knowledge that no one else can see you enter your PIN.

These chip and pin credit card machines make life for the consumer much easier. They have also made the life of the scammer a lot more difficult. Chip and pin is the new way to protect your credit card details and if the service stays as effective as it is now, we will be seeing a lot more disgruntled scammers and a lot more happy consumers in the future.
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